"One more time I dealt with the best! A keen understanding to my needs, the detail of the data entries and a reasonable delivery time were once more delivered from PeopleACE team! Thanks so much!!! I am very glad God put you in my path; otherwise I truly think I would have given up on this website project a long time ago! I will definitely keep on regularly using PeopleACE!!!"

- Annie

"Excellent turn out on this project. I worked with PeopleACE team who spoke great English and was able to get my changes done incredibly fast. Overall I am very impressed with their work and I will be using them again."

- Movichdesign

"Did a great job. Was prompt in responding, got the project done before deadline, and was very professional. Will definitely source out again for future projects."

- arod1125

Become a Partner

At PeopleACE, We are in search of enthusiastic business firms or individuals, having the desire to amplify their professional opportunities through partnering with PeopleACE, among the top offshore design and development companies. It does not matter if you are a freelance consultant, web site owner, web Development Company, web business opening seeker or somebody, interested in sharing the revenues with us, we will provide you ample opportunities for growth.

Partnership Options

  • Work Outsourcing
  • Short-term / Long-term association
  • Joint Ventures

Business Models:

PeopleACE offers different types of business models:

Fixed Cost Model

In the fixed cost model, the amount to be paid against the project or service is fixed. If you take less or more time in completion of the work, the cost of the model will be the same, or as it is. So, the time factor does not affect the cost of the model.

Time & Material (T&M) based Model

In the T&M (Time & Material) based model, the cost of the model depends on the time taken by the project to be done with the no# of team members mutually decided before commencing the assignment. For instance, if somebody needs a certain work in half the time than its usual time consumption, we have to double the team strength and client has to pay accordingly (may be doubled the amount than usual) for the work done.

DDC (Dedicated Development Center):

Under DDC (Dedicated Development Center) two models are available:

Dedicated Team Model

In this model, our dedicated team works on client’s particular project. The team may include designers, developers, team leaders, and project managers, etc. to complete a certain project. Size of team can be decided/proposed based on project definition and client requirement.

Dedicated Resource Model

In this model, we provide dedicated resources to the client, according to their technical requirements. For instance, some clients have specific requirements of designing work or development work, or team leader or project manager. Cost of resource depends on years of experience they have, hours they work on assignment in a day or week and work supervision liability.

Benefits of doing Partnership With PeopleACE

  • Reduce and manage the operating costs: Partnership with us will help you in managing or reducing the operation costs of your business. We both benefit from each-other.
  • Private label work: You can rely on us regarding your label work. All the code or design we do for you remains your property.
  • Speed up the production & remove the backlogs: Through partnership with us, you can speed-up your production levels and remove the backlogs if any at the same time. We have sufficient man power which helps you add resources when needed.
  • Share risks: As you do partnership with us, naturally we share the risks or make your risks lesser.
  • Access to the world-class capabilities: Through the partnership with us, you will have benefits of our world-class capabilities.
  • Increased Market Access: With our partnership, we both can increase our market access with the help of each other and develop our business accordingly.
  • Price Competitiveness: While using our services through partnership, you will clearly feel the price competitiveness we offer. You will start saving by not paying local heavy hourly charges.
  • Modernized outsourcing processes: You will also benefited from the modernized outsourcing processes used by us to serve our clients in a better way.
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