Mobile Apps for Olympics 2012

Thanks to the SmartPhone revolution, people can have access to information in just few “touches”. Internet on mobile and mobile applications have made this world so small. There are various applications of various categories – business, travel, personal, entertainment etc etc. Application markets are flooding with numerous applications and Olympics is also no bar. Each mobile company has its own version of Olympic mobile apps -

Apple iPhone Olympic Mobile App


Android Olympic Mobile App


BlackBerry Store

BlackBerry App Store

Windows Phone Olympic App

Windows Phone

May be I am a little late in posting this, but those who are Olympic fans and less savvy with your phone; keen to download the app; can benefit from this!

Better late than never.. ;)

Think, your business can benefit from a mobile app? Feel free to contact us.

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The Mighty Google Penguin Update and the importance of content

The mighty Google Penguin updates were announced on 24th April, 2012 and since then it has penalized even small law-breakers. For example, Google Penguin will penalize the websites, which utilize the ‘Black Hat SEO Techniques’ as well as the websites, which have inapplicable and inferior-quality outbound links.

Google Penguin has impacted just about 3.1% of total queries; whereas, Google Panda had impacted just about 12.0 %. However, Google still needs to clarify effects, exact targets, and the impacts of this Penguin update; nevertheless, most of SEO specialists think that the websites having following inadequacies will be definitely penalized by Google Penguin:

  • Aggressive SEO
  • Bad or Irrelevant Outbound Links
  • Keyword Stuffing

Recent on-page SEO Methods (As per Google Penguin Update)

The main objective of Google Penguin is improving the search experience of users, through offering the most useful, unique, relevant, and informational content on web. Due to it, there are a lot of alterations in contemporary on-page SEO strategies and techniques to cope with the negative effects of Penguin updates for numerous blogs and websites.

Quality Content

You may hear million times that CONTENT IS KING although, the significance of the quality content was never been that high, like now with new Penguin updates. Useful information with quality content is most essential ingredient in offering best user experience for searching people. Hence, amongst the most significant contemporary on-page SEO methods is creating extremely informative and helpful content for the website.


The days are gone for duplicate content. Even a little bit of the duplicate content will be penalized by all search engines including Google. In case, you desire to be competitive as well as rank superior than other competitors, then your website must have 100% unique and original content. The Google Penguin is designed to cope with the threat of spun content, duplicate content, and rewritten content, which does not have same value like the manually crafted and unique web page content.

Human Readability

Google penguin update’s objective is forcing website owners to produce quality content keeping the human readability in mind. Most people write the content focusing on search engines although, now, they may not have much of success. To obey the terms and conditions of penguin updates, one has to adopt contemporary on-page SEO method to create human readable web pages and content. No matter if they are blog posts, articles, or web copies, they have to be written in keeping human users in mind, avoiding search engines.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing:

Because the main objective is making more content, keeping human readability of focus, high keyword density of keyword stuffing will be punished by contemporary Penguin updates. The work of stuffing excessive profitable keywords within blog posts and articles to rank higher in search engines won’t work anymore.

Associated Meta Tags

Associated Meta Tags – without doing stuffing to them like keyword density with the web page – is very useful method for on-page SEO that is utilized as per Penguin update guidelines. The Meta tags of the web page have to be associated with the page, and should not be stuffed anyway.

Recent off-page SEO Methods (As per Google Penguin Update)

With on-page SEO techniques, off-page SEO techniques as well as other strategies are key factors for higher rankings in search engines. For bringing free integrated traffic to the website, involvement of legitimate as well as best off-page SEO methods is necessary and very crucial.

Google, for its ‘quality more than quantity’ slogan, has always given great importance to off-page SEO methods. Although, with latest Google Penguin updates, the importance of off-page SEO methods is at its peak.

Another significant thing to keep in mind is while you fight for the keywords having higher competition, you may not rank higher beyond the assistance of off-page SEO methods. As per new rules of Google Penguin, algorithms for search engines as well as ranking systems are having great value to balance the off-page SEO approach for the website. In case, you do well, you will get greater traffic and higher ranking.

Here are some of off-page SEO methods, which Google Penguin has proved:

Quality Backlinks:

Now, it is not important that your website is getting how many of total backlinks. There was the time when getting higher ranking was very easy and might be done through getting lots of backlinks, without considering from where they are coming. However, it won’t be the case now. Google Penguin has given extra attention for quality of the website’s backlinks, more willingly than their quantity. You can get numerous low-quality backlinks, however they will give you huge dent and your website will be fined. In case, manage to get the quality backlinks, you will get much superior chance of having better results.

Social Media Likes

One more greater off-page method is incorporating social media with your SEO idea. Tweets, social media likes, sharing, +1, posts, etc. are different kinds of quality backlinks. The off-page SEO method holds outstanding value for Penguin updates. A lot of website owners are not considering social networking relevant to the businesses. Still, they are mistaken to recognize that social media is extremely crucial part of off-page SEO methods.

Main Victims of the Google Penguin Updates

Main objective of Penguin updates introduction was ranking the websites higher that have aim of providing most unique and useful details to readers. On other hand, the websites, which do not pursue same guidelines will be penalized by Google Penguin. Google hasn’t specified or explained targets of the updates; although, the websites having following aspects will be most affected by Google Penguin.

Low-quality Content

There are ample websites having lower quality webpages and content. In the start up, usually, Google had punished the websites having plagiarism or duplication issues. But now even the websites having lower quality content will experience drastic loss in the traffic! The main objective of Google is to offer valued information to the readers so, any website having lower quality content won’t be ranked higher.

Link Farms

Any website having link farms will be punished seriously by the mighty predators. Thus, websites using those techniques will become main victims of the Google Penguin.

Webpages Having Spun Content

Till now, numerous websites have used the spun content efficiently on the webpages as well as for content submission to the article directories. As spun content won’t provide any worth to readers, it will be slightly reproved by Penguin updates.

Stuffed Advertisements

Google is always very active for punishing the websites that do not provide any worth to the readers, as well as just concentrate on the advertisements for money making. There are numerous cases in past in which the Google has penalized those websites.


With Penguin updates, the ad structure of the webpage is completely overhauled now. However, Google needs to clarify its strategies about ads policy for the webpage, although any website having over 4 advertisement slots on the webpage will be a ‘soft target’ for Penguin.

Want to get make your site Penguin-proof; please feel free to contact us for SEO services.

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What to do for your new Facebook Business page and Timeline?

The Facebook has added new timeline in their business pages though it has received both positive as well as negative views. But it’s not good to waste much time in complaining. Alternatively use the same energy to the positive workings. The fact is that new Facebook timeline for business will continue to stay until they resolve to make any future changes. Here are a few “must know” tips to positively save some time if you get attach or have advance questions.

Know dates

New timeline of Facebook had officially declared the conversion date of 30th March 2012 for all the business pages. You may play with the new page or see the preview mode prior to actually making it live. It is advisable to do it ASAP. Don’t delay the proceedings until last minute.

Make new cover image of Facebook timeline

Cover image offers amazing branding opportunities as well as to optically inspire as well as connect with the fans. Options are infinite if you stay inside Facebook guidelines given below. Create various timeline covers thus you may offer fresh as well as inspirational experience to the timeline visitors! Facebook has given very strict guidelines about what to do and what not to do for new cover image of Facebook timeline.

You CAN:

  • Brand of the company, personal brand or book. It includes logos, brand images, photos and other optical marks.
  • Encourage the audience with optically appealing colors, graphics, and images.
  • Use easy language, which will assist you in inspiring and connecting with the fans.

You CAN’T:

  • Price or acquisition information like “30% off” or “Download through our website”
  • Contact details like email, mailing address, web address, or other details intended for the About section.
  • References to the interface elements including Share or Like, other Facebook features
  • Calls to action like “Tell your friends” or “Get it now”

No default landing tabs

Now you can’t set tab as the default landing tabs. Before you erupt on the wild rant regarding how awful it is, keep in mind that the post designed for helping you in moving forward as well as do great things with new timeline of Facebook. Here are the things you are allowed to do:

  • Maximize space and use of the cover image
  • Use specific URLs of apps for directing the people straight to app from the pages outside Facebook or posts, with status updates inside Facebook.
  • Maximize usage of best apps shown in the cover photo.
  • Use apps for the ‘call to action’ as well as to engage the fans.
  • Use it as disguise to come out from your box as well as concentrate on inspiring as well as connecting with the audience.

Use Unique URL Rather Than Landing Tabs

Now you can’t set the default landing tab, though you may still easily avoid this. As every app is having it’s personal and unique URL, you may use this unique URL for directing the traffic through inside/ outside of the traffic with the specific app.

Highlighted Posts

You may set any of the posts for highlighting meaning that it can take both sides in page. This feature allows you to carry special attention for the particular post inside timeline.

Facebook, even after so many changes, has the potential of attracting visitors. Businesses still indulge into creating Facebook pages and use various Facebook apps to turn traffic to their site.

Need help creating your Facebook page? Contact us and tell us your requirements.

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Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

Patience is the power, though it doesn’t do well in reality. It is understandable that no web user can wait for visiting the website, which takes longer time period for loading. Each visitor desires to reach the web portal, having higher loading speed as well as on adverse, try to evade the site that responds slowly. Its reason is quite simple – the website visitors lose patience and quickly go to the other web portal with no possibility of coming back to your site.

While talking about the website, its load speed is most notable aspect of website, which plays significant role in making the portal popular amongst the targeted visitors. A quickly responding website certainly becomes the user’s initial choice. Each person delighted with the speedy websites and rarely returns to the website that takes extra time for loading. Today, we will learn some useful practices to decrease the website loading time as well as speeding up the web pages responding time. Let’s start.

1. Cache the web pages as well as database queries if you use CMS (Content Management System) to generate website pages impulsively. With this exercise, you may easily reduce the burden of server that finally speed up the web-pages performance time.

2. You need to place CSS and JavaScript in the external files for making the website codes easy-to-manage as well as easy-to-update. The primary intend behind doing it is simple. Both CSS and JavaScript get downloaded collectively whenever the HTML document is asked. All these ultimately upgrade the size of HTML document.

3. Image optimization is another high-grade practice in which you may speed-up the website load time. Various image file formats may critically affect the web portal response time. JPEG, PNG, and GIF are perfect formats. Avoid use of bigger size images.

4. Reduce website content for reducing website’s loading time. With help of the HTTP compression, your website data will go in the single file automatically. You may even compress and optimize CSS and JavaScript files by minimizing source code.

Take all these important tips in the consideration and improve your website’s speed by just reducing the web page load time.

Other best practices of speeding up the website include:

  • Avoid 404s
  • Avoid Filters
  • Avoid the CSS Expressions
  • Avoid the Redirects
  • Configure E-Tags
  • Don’t Scale the Images within HTML
  • Flush your Buffer Early
  • Gzip Components
  • Make CSS and JavaScript External
  • Make the Ajax Cacheable
  • Minimize CSS and JavaScript
  • Minimize iframes numbers
  • Minimize the HTTP Requests
  • Optimize the Images
  • Optimize the CSS Sprites
  • Put the scripts at Bottom
  • Put the Style sheets on Top
  • Reduce the Cookie Size
  • Reduce the DNS Look ups
  • Take off Duplicate Scripts
  • Use GET to AJAX Requests

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Can my business have a mobile application?

What Smartphones with Smartphone applications have brought is apparent to nearly every organization nowadays. Although, a lot of businesses are yet not agreed that developing the mobile application may deliver distinct ROI (Return On Investment) to them or it will assist them in engaging in a better way with the customers. For instance, you could desire to identify why you need to spend your small financial resources to develop your business mobile application, while existing system is doing well? The mobile applications may make your existing systems working more efficiently and quickly, delivering advantages, which were not that evident when you initially employed them.

Some Examples of Business Mobile Application Development

Example 1

A personal chef wants to make his cooking reachable to everybody and wants to extract more business. He goes to a business mobile application development company and gives them instructions to make a business application for him. The company makes mobile application for him. The user can browse over 50 different recipes in four categories including dinner, lunch, breakfast, and appetizers. The user can search through recipes easily and quickly. In the last, the user gets little info about the chef and details of how they can use his services.

Example 2

A company wants a mobile application through which, it can send job information to its workers wherever they are while on the work. The company goes to a business mobile application development company and gives them instructions to make the business application for them. The company makes mobile application for the company as per the instructions. The developed mobile application is hosted in cloud. It permits the company to schedule the work of the staff and send the work on their mobile phones. Application also incorporates things like Invoicing, Quoting, and Inventory Management.

Advantages of a Business Having a Mobile Application

Better Customer Satisfaction

Mobile applications can help the employees react more rapidly to the customers’ interests, even though they are absent in office. The mobile applications can also be used for delivering personalized services and content to the customers, which helps in increasing customer satisfaction.

Better Visibility With Potential Customers

Without doubt, the company, which is ahead in technology, is more probable to be acknowledged more, by the potential customers as well as future employees. A lot of customers feel that they may trust the company, which is capable of handling latest technologies.

Better User Experience

If you have your own business mobile application and if the customer makes inquiry regarding the product, you can easily write summary regarding your service or product or digital pictures, which exhibits all the product angles, or even the video with the employee, which explains how that works?

Better Productivity

By encouraging your employees to utilize their smartphones to integrate with the data and corporate systems, you may assist them in performing the tasks very fast, reducing the business costs. In addition, sharing information across the businesses, results in less repeated tasks, making business more profitable and productive.

About Us

We, at PeopleACE, offer services for mobile application development for different platforms as well as devices. We provide customized mobile application development, which offer the users some real-time details accessible anywhere, anytime, with any device. We have an enthusiastic team, which is well aware about latest development and trends in today’s fast-rated industry. We provide customized and creative applications as per client’s requirements. We are different from several other Android, iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry and developers for Mobile application. We have creative ability as well as programming skills for creating advanced mobile applications.

For more details, please contact us or ask for a free quote.

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Unleash the Power of Mobile Marketing

From marketer’s point of view, potential of reaching an engaged, qualified, and highly referenced audience is priceless for any successful campaign.

The mobile marketing is having a very bright future. Let’s go through some states:

  • 89% of all major brands do marketing through mobile phones
  • 40% of all major brands are running SMS (text messaging) campaigns
  • 18% of all major brands are running MMS (multimedia messaging) campaigns

(Source: Independent survey by Airwide Solutions for 50 brand companies)

Mobile marketing with power of the text messages
Text messages have 90 % success ratio for being read as well as read within initial 30 minutes from the receipt. It means mobile marketing is much more effective means for marketing for the customers and prospects, creating amongst the best returns for the investment possible. The main reason why the mobile marketing is successful in getting more chances is due to its immensely better reach compared with Internet. For instance, text-message marketing is reachable to 5 billion people whereas Internet marketing is reachable to 1.7 billion people!

Mobile messaging has become a broadly utilized marketing tool, particularly useful for you if you use some kind of advertising like print, TV, outdoor signage, or radio ads. You may offer additional details to the prospective consumers through offering SMS code.

Mobile marketing today; is not just limited to SMS or MMS. Mobile presence is becoming equally important with the arrival of smart phones.

About 40% of people surf internet through mobile once a day. Have you ever thought of building a mobile website?

Build a mobile website
Mobile internet users are expected to reach 113.9 million in 2012, up 17.1% from 97.3 million in 2011. This means, most of them would visit your website through their mobile. So before they do, you take a chance and visit your website from mobile.

How does it look? If you are having that traditional website, you must be scrolling hard to run through the information. Will your clients wait to do that?

Improving user experience is one step towards marketing. Build a mobile website. If you are not sure how to proceed, feel free to contact us.

Develop a mobile application
Make smartphones even smarter for your clients by offering a mobile application for your business. Mobile applications are your business representatives reminding about you every time your client uses your application. Mobile applications can be developed for iPhones, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Mobile Advertisements
Last but not the least, indulge into mobile advertisement. Here’s why:

  • Mobile advertising is four-to-five times more effective than online advertising (InsightExpress)
  • iPhone users are more likely to respond to a mobile Web ad than owners of other smartphones. (Luth Research on behalf of the Mobile Marketing Association)
  • For smartphone users, seeing a mobile ad triggers a response with 43% of consumers seeing an ad (Luth Research on behalf of the Mobile Marketing Association)
  • 21% of Google’s largest advertisers have a mobile-optimized Web presence. (Google)

But before you engage into mobile advertisement, make sure you have a mobile-optimized website.

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Focus on your business niche with outsourcing the rest

When comes to running your business, despite the business is small, it is not the easiest thing to execute. No magic switch is available, which you may just press for making everything work according to your plan. However, there are definite things, which you may do for improving the business procedure or at least provide an illusion of success for the business.

If you desire of making your business accomplished as well as save the money, then you should definitely try outsourcing. However it does not suggest that you should outsource all the workings of your business but surely the ones, which you believe will be largely improved through the outsourcing as well as may help you in saving some costs.

The advance of information technology has helped the emergence of outsourcing within business sector. Mostly all leading and growing companies take interests in field of outsourcing. Outsourcing had become popular in business arena in early 1990′s as well as statistically magnified progressively. The rise was caused by requirement of the new trade methods to handle ever-changing business industry. Outsourcing has proved to be a brilliant business solution particularly for the organizations, which are just starting up as well as those who are influenced with global recession.

Today, outsourcing is known as the “strategic management option”. It helps company or business to reach its business goals through functional superiority and benefits in market place. Most of the businesses or companies have one or more services outsourced these days to make sure that they can focus on its business niche. It is the main reason why the businesses outsource.

Cost Effectiveness

The main reason, which makes the outsourcing successful, is its cost-effectiveness. Increasing costs within developed countries as well as high cost for expert-labor are the reasons of businesses looking for an affordable alternative. The financial disaster has left the companies with more limited budgets, making the outsourcing very feasible option. Outsourcing today is also known as the “strategic management option”. Unless the business is setting operations to its own, it is not required to invest in the infrastructure costs. The outsourcing service provider manages everything like setting up the offices or hiring manpower for providing services.

Exclusive Services

We are moving towards exclusive services. Today, businesses outsource to make sure that they focus on their business niche. These specialized services allow companies to reach business targets using functional excellence as well as huge profit in the market place. The development is also letting new businesses bought under outsourcing arm. Conventional businesses like the IT are feeling saturation. Construction, public sector, and education are new bees, in outsourcing usage.

Innovation and Technology

The arrival of technology and innovation is the main reason why outsourcing has become very important. The exceptional technology at our management has made the difficult procedure a reality; specialized communications have helped smooth transition. New technology innovations will continue re-defining outsourcing industry because it constantly fights with different time zones and geographic boundaries. Development story of the outsourcing is far away from being over. It will continue to modify itself as well as adapt things with time.


Outsourcing is just amongst the most effective and efficient methods to improve any business. It will help you in saving money as well as streamlining your business procedures as well.

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Make your Website Mobile Ready

According to a prediction, by the year 2013, there will be 1.7 billion users of mobile internet. It is very safe stake that only some of them can visit your website and see it on the screen, which takes just few inches. What will happen if the readers need to work hard while going through your site or reading your content? They will surely leave! Have you made your website mobile ready? Its time you should go for a mobile website design.

Slow connection speed may also disappoint the readers. You want regular as well as new readers for having outstanding experience with the website, doesn’t matter if it is on the nice big screen or seeing on the tiny mobile device. Here are a few fast improvements that you can do, starting today.

Mobile plug-in Installation

In case, you use WordPress, you can change your site to mobile-friendly edition in around 30 seconds using an easy plug-in. Various plug-ins are available today. You can use any of good plug-ins available. You can adjust it in respective ways to make it best suited for your site.

Make smart navigation

Creating a smart and exhaustive navigation of the website is important aspect of making the website mobile friendly. Ensure that you give readers some clear ways of getting the most crucial content. For instance, can you see red tabs on top of the site? They are great ways of attracting traffic as well as perfect models for clear navigation. Be strategic when placing navigation on mobile website.

Write crystal clear content

When your website is viewed on smaller screen, ensure that you have concussive headlines, which permit the reader identify that he/she will have great experience in reading the content. Crystal clear content, which is to the point, also makes sure that readers can use your material with their mobile phones, even when they’re busy or distracted.

Avoid needless images

Use of images is an outstanding way of getting the point across however; try to think somebody reading the content on very slow connection, having a tiny screen. It means that you don’t require extra images so, avoid needless images.

Avoid Flash and JavaScript

It is usually a safe stake to all the mobile devices to avoid Flash and JavaScript as they will bring down the access speed. Even if the flash or JavaScript are loaded successfully, they will take extra time to view content. So, the best way is sticking with the plain (X) HTML or CSS standards.

Prepare Mobile Friendly Content

In non-mobile website version, it could be easier of getting away with some design problems, which are more obvious and visible in mobile version. Remember to avoid the white spaces around words and paragraphs. If the content is very confined, it makes the readers uncomfortable and they could not continue for much long. Making the content scalable and creating short sentences will be great to all the readers, especially for the mobile readers. There are many ways of making the content friendlier for mobile websites. Apply few of them and you will be ahead in the competition.

You can also take a shortcut, avail our mobile website design services and we will take care of the rest. Feel free to contact us or request for a free quote.

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What’s new in ASP.NET 4.5

Today, mobile phones have unlimited data plans, the home connections have reached 100 Mbit/s speed heights and to decrease the output size, we just need to tick check box in the IIS, therefore, the output, weather be it the static or the dynamic, is compressed. Therefore, the “HTML optimizers” era of tools, which remove the extra spaces as well as “unneeded” tags from the markup, is over. One more thing, which is helpful in avoiding the traffic jams, was the Ajax. It has killed 2 birds with single shot – with decreased traffic flow through only up or down loading data, the application needs at the time, with that, increased the result time. However, it does have its cost. Every small callback done by the Ajax is just like an ordinary callback, exclude that, it transfers smaller data. However it is still a connection. Here you can see the problem. You are inquiring every individual thing that you request from the server, through sending the individual requests as well as parsing the responses and received files. This overhead is heavy even though the output is cached or compressed on the server.

Bundling: The threat of performance was identified a while ago, with some optimization guides have suggested to merge the external JavaScript script-files into one as well as do the same with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) files. It certainly worked, however it was proved to be hell for the developers, because the files were needed to be separately maintained by various authors, and merging them into a file was not easy. Microsoft has solved this difficulty without trying to change the standards or coding behavior. Now, you just need to keep all the JavaScript as well as CSS files together, as per the purpose instead of multiple.

<link href=”styles/mystyle.css” rel=”Stylesheet” />

you need to type this:

<link href=”styles/css” rel=”Stylesheet” />

This will do the rest. It will take all the .css files from styles directory, making one virtual-style sheet as well as send it to client in single response. Relying on amount of the css files, it can decrease loading time of the web page with up to 20%. The same happens with JavaScript files. This new feature of the ASP.NET 4.5 is named Bundling. It works with the Visual Studio 2010 designer after installing .NET 4.5 support.

Strongly Types the Data Controls – one of the pet upsets around the non-MVC ASP.NET databinding is “bind and hope” concept, which Eval has. It always felt bit crappy – hopefully it will change now.

Click and create new event – This is a nice solution to a small irritation, no more typing fortified void the btnMyThingie_Click – sometimes, the small things make big differences in your everyday work flow.

Interesting point about new features of the ASP.NET is when they are presented; they produced massive recoil from the people using the 3rd party libraries for achieving same functionality. Its reason is completely psychological. Evidently, some projects have to die. But that’s how it goes!

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Is your website hacked? What should you do to set your site back on track?

As a website owner, your site being hacked can keep you up in the night. Eventually, you must take care about many things: can the potential customers or visitors discover your site, is the website content timely and relevant, is the website optimized, etc. Sadly, the attackers target the smaller sites more than the larger ones as usually smaller sites are not protected like the corporate sites. Smaller sites usually don’t have resources to identify that they have been victimized, and there are excessive smaller sites than the large ones. If the website was hacked in the malicious manner, then you are having two options. You may sit around as well as think about all ways you must have hardened the website against the attacks, or you may start cleaning up chaos and get your website working again.

In case, you have accomplished that hindsight is 20/20 as well as prefer not to worry on mistakes made, then you are ready for getting the site cleaned up. It is certainly not easy, however it is necessary. Following steps need to be taken in the chronological order to assist you in preventing the position from giving any worse.

Strengthen Your Site

The first job is to secure the site with the intention that you are not vulnerable against attack. It might be waste of time for cleaning up the site merely to have attacker coming back and damage the site again.

Take the Site Off-line

It is required due to two reasons. The first one is if search engines search the site, which is loaded with the malware and then it will be flagged like causing the visitors to avoid the site as well as sourcing the page ranking of search engine to drop. The second one is the customer or visitor can land on the site only to discover that it is infected the computer with the malware. In that case, you may be certain that they won’t come back. People may accept the web site down for some time; however they won’t agree that your site creating damage to the computer. Serving the 503 error page, having some clear content for the visitors will handle this.

Scan Computers, Which are Used for Login to Your Website

The most usual way the attackers can access your website is through stealing site’s FTP as well as administrator credentials via malware already existing on your computer. When you make login process, keystroke loggers send the information from the local computer to attacker to provide them free details of the web server. Always update the virus definitions as well as the spyware definitions with running full-system scan for both the programs. When the process is completed, download and run the Malwarebytes AntiMalware for ensuring that the computer is clean.

Change all Passwords

Change all the passwords. Begin with the email accounts and change the FTP, database, administrator, and other passwords then. Anybody else who has use of the website via FTP or the administrative, use strong passwords and the attacker will have hard time using the tools for your site to acquire access.

Evaluate the Situation in the Right Manner

Is your site has malware? What kind of attack happened? Were the pages defaced? Is the site hosting illegitimate links? Has any data been kept? All these things you should think about. If the pages were defaced, your site probably might not being used for housing the malware or troubled from the link injection. Other malicious hacks work better if admin doesn’t know that the site is already been attacked. Also, don’t ignore the possibilities or problems if the website was defaced. You also have to beware of SQL injections.

Update the Third-party Software

In case, you are using the third-party applications like Joomla, WordPress, Moodle, Drupal, etc., then update them. All these third-party software are free or open source therefore, the attackers can access their codes easily where they may get the vulnerabilities, which exist. When the vulnerabilities are uncovered, developers update software to close security holes. Additionally, ensure that all the components, modules, plug-ins, and other add-ons are also updated.

Contact Your Website Hosting Service Provider

Although, your website hosting service providers can’t do much to help you, still you can see in case, they will scan server for the backdoor and rootkit programs.

Repair the Damage Done

Now as you have blocked attacker from coming back to your website, it’s time for cleaning up the nuisance he has made. In case, you don’t desire to clean up affected files, you can delete the whole installation and start all over again. Nevertheless, unless you have the back up of your website content, you have to reconstruct it as well. In addition, you will have to check the content pages for awful links and files because the restore will place them back to your site.

  • Analyze your files. Use any FTP program and examine the files to see in case, anything is added or modified. It is very time-consuming process as you need to go through every directory. Begin by searching at the date at which, that file was modified lastly. Check all these files for the links, which you are not well-known with, iFrames and JavaScript. Once you inspect the files using date, then start looking for the files as well as directories, which don’t exist. In case of third-party application, you need to download the fresh copy and pull out contents then you may use it like a comparison.
  • Check all the outgoing links. Ensure that your website does not have malicious links or the links to any malicious sites.
  • Make your website online once again. Don’t neglect this step!
  • Contact Google. Send reconsideration request and send it to Google to reconsider your site as well as restore the page rankings in case, you have suffered a downfall because of your website being hacked. All the other sites, which list the malicious websites, must also be contacted.

How to Protect Your Site in Future

As you have brought the website back on track, just keep it safe. Just install security add-ons and ensure that everything is continuously updated, ensure that the computer is free from malware, etc. You may consider enabling the log archiving therefore, you may review these every now and then. They will provide you outstanding look about what is happening within the website. Also, prefer a host, who use Web Application Firewall and help you protecting against some of the most common threats, which result into a conceded website.

You might also want to take a step in advance and get your site tested for security purpose. Avail testing services if you don’t have in-house testing facility.

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