5 Firefox add-ons that a developer should keep handy

Designing a standard and cross-browser compatible website is very tough. Accessibility is the one major issue. Visual appeal is also an element, which makes designing of a good website, a balancing task of usability and browser-compatible codes, to let the site visitors finding what they are searching for. Which Internet browser to use depends on personal preference as so many options like Opera, IE, Firefox, Safari (Apple), Google Chrome, etc. are available. In most of web design circles, the Mozilla Firefox is the widest used browser because of its security and expandability, compared to the Internet Explorer. Because of its tremendous add-on development, there are ample tools which can be really handy for coding, checking the work, etc. Most of the times, the web developer may require some handy utilities to speed up the process. Here are 5 Firefox add-ons that a web developer should keep handy.


Firebug is probably the most necessary tool for any of the web developers using Firefox. The Firebug will permit you to monitor page activities like visiting a web page, writing a new code, debugging what you’ve worked on as well as lot more. Firebug may prove to be a great tool for the Web development. This add-on provides a comprehensive set of debugging tools that permits web developer to view the code properties on each of the Web page. Through Firebug, you can edit and view the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript properties in the Web page. In addition, you can view HTTP headers as well as potential bandwidth bottlenecks. Firebug splits the Firefox window in two parts. The top half is dedicated to web page itself. The bottom half works as console and complete with its personal menus. It flashes up the errors, combining CSS and HTML validator as well as DOM Inspector and JavaScript Console of the Firefox together with the command-line JavaScript interpreter. Firebug is a wonderful tool if you are searching for a handy debugging add-on.


ColorZilla is a useful extension, which helps the designers in selecting colors from the live web page. By using ColorZilla, you may get the color reading from whichever point in the browser, promptly adjust the color and paste to another program. You may Zoom the page that you are viewing as well as measure the distances between two points on page. Its built-in palette browser permits selecting colors from the pre defined color sets as well as saving most utilized colors in the custom palettes. ColorZilla is a handy Firefox add-on, which gives Photoshop-style palette browser and color picker. It gives a quick way of matching a color attained on the Web to the design and you won’t require to open the Photoshop to get a right color. It is also terrific in developing color swatches.

Web Developer

This add-on is also known as “Swiss army knife.” With this tool, you can disable the main browser features like CSS, images, JavaScript, and much more. Also, you can edit and view CSS and HTML of the Web page swiftly. This tool can be found in the “top extensions” lists due to the features it adds in the Firefox. The capability to view the CSS style details like you view the web page merely by mousing over the element, which makes the troubleshooting CSS layouts the velvet. It also gives tools for enabling as well as disabling the images, forms, cookies, JavaScript and more. Some validation tools are also included for the HTML, CSS, and feeds. Web Developer is a must-have add-on for your toolbox.

Save Complete

With the Save Complete add-on, a user may save a whole Web page in the hard-drive without any downloading difficulty. If one goes with the conventional “Save Page As” alternative in the Firefox, few things might go missing in offline copy like images or the CSS elements. The Save Complete is outstanding for the archiving purposes or even better to store the whole Web page.

Code Burner

Code Burner for the Firebug is very important reference tool for the web developers. It displays code samples, syntax, and the browser compatibility details in the bottom of browser. The latest version of Code Burner is compatible with the Firefox 3.5.

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