5 most important eMail writing attics help you impress your recipient

  • Make the endeavor to learn on the etiquette (also known as “netiquette”) associated in writing emails. There are many reference books and websites regarding internet and they will teach you some basics. It might be a bit costly to give so much value to the social niceties when internet is very casual. However, many people take the online custom very seriously. Therefore, in case you are writing the emails for business, you need to assume that the beneficiary can well become one of those.
  • Never send and if possible do not even attempt to write the email when, you are upset, drunk, angry, or not in complete control. In case, you have intense conversation with somebody on telephone you may at times distort things over. However, with the emails, once you hit the “send” button anything you written are carved in the tablets of stone providing the recipient desires glaring on it. The old saying about the “counting to ten” prior to responding might not be true here. Send angry emails only if you can hold or actually do not worry about, recipient’s consequential feelings!
  • One thing, which you cannot think about, is it may be useful in considering cautiously the time you mail your emails. To start with, it is always very good idea to evade sending the emails, which match with Monday morning rush or Friday afternoon lethargy. Additionally, the emails sent to the companies over weekend finish up getting lost within cyberspace. In addition, on more restrained level, if the recipients observe that you send emails on the Sunday morning or at late night, they can suspend you for business talk. Even though you may think it is good to impress the client, which you work, the partner may not when same client calls on phone at midnight.
  • Since nearly everybody at some time is infected with the computer virus, then people are reasonably wary of the attachments. Some modern worms and viruses clone themselves to legitimate email names & addresses, therefore even the email purporting from somebody you know could just be infected. If in doubt add text to body of the email message, or make contact with recipient in advance and ensure that they become happy to get it as the attachment
  • Email Layout is something, which some people keep an eye on, particularly if their system uses the text only. However, with simple text also, a prudent layout may make the thing extra readable. Especially, you must avoid writing the emails, which slump all way across screen. They are extremely hard to read as well as see all properly as the text, your reader have to swindle about changing the fonts. The safest format is using lines not over 65 characters long. It fits and works everywhere. It makes email easier on eye. 

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