Why Joomla is the Finest Open Source CMS

Joomla is much admired CMS (Content Management System), which comes loaded with numerous features for fast and easy website creation. It is capable to deliver lively content and offers outstanding database functionality. The users can also access the content on several levels. When comes to the open source tools, Joomla ranks on the top because it has appeared as the primary choice of the open-source CMS developers. Even though there are numerous other open source tools available in market, there are many reasons for progression of Joomla into the top stratum. Here are some of the reasons:

  • It is open-source software, which is free for the personal and commercial use. Anyone having the interest in the learning as well as developing the Joomla applications may use it to good effect. It is also accessible directly from the Joomla’s personal website; therefore it may be no fears regarding the viruses as well as other malwares in source code.
  • Joomla permits content making in WYSIWYG editor. Hence, even beginner users are provided the power to merge images and text in a nice-looking manner. Once the articles are completed, they may be displayed in several ways through using the pre-installed modules for displaying the most accepted articles, new items, associated articles, and much more.
  • The menu manager provides you the power of creating as many menus or menu items you require. Having this feature, it is achievable to use dropdown, rollovers, fly-outs, or even other navigation system, which may be envisaged of.
  • The condition of the real-time menus turns it easier to add or remove the menu items. It may be done having the standard text editor like Notepad. The changes then may be pasted to Joomla editor. All these changes are imitated in associated web pages as they are practiced in Joomla editor. It can also be done having images and objects in the Joomla with real time.
  • Using the template management system of Joomla, you may use either the single template for whole site or several templates for the other sections. You may even exploit powerful template overrides that permit you to convert every part of the pages.
  • Joomla offers brilliant support for the external modules. With the growing popularity of the Joomla, there are numerous committed Joomla Developers in the world that have made it probable to offer plug-ins, templates, and extensions. These are accessible to download from accepted Joomla connected sites on Internet.
  • Another key advantage of Joomla is its friendliness to search engines. Joomla has all the components, which makes the website SEO friendly. The features including dynamically formed URLs with even addition of the keywords assist in making the site search engine friendly. Moreover, the RSS feed alternative makes the RSS very simple.
  • Installation of Joomla is very easy and straightforward. Joomla may be installed easily at servers, which run MYSQL & PHP. The shopping cart integration using Joomla is also straightforward. However, it is essential to have shopping cart coded in the PHP.

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