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What’s new in ASP.NET 4.5

Today, mobile phones have unlimited data plans, the home connections have reached 100 Mbit/s speed heights and to decrease the output size, we just need to tick check box in the IIS, therefore, the output, weather be it the static … Continue reading

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Is your website hacked? What should you do to set your site back on track?

As a website owner, your site being hacked can keep you up in the night. Eventually, you must take care about many things: can the potential customers or visitors discover your site, is the website content timely and relevant, is … Continue reading

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6 mistakes you should avoid while designing a website

Small businesses make the mistakes when comes to the website design. It is nearly inevitable as the business owners usually don’t know technical aspects for making the website better. Some of these mistakes result in considerably lower website performance or … Continue reading

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