6 mistakes you should avoid while designing a website

Small businesses make the mistakes when comes to the website design. It is nearly inevitable as the business owners usually don’t know technical aspects for making the website better. Some of these mistakes result in considerably lower website performance or others could even affect the customer’s experience significantly. Website is a digital representation of the company as well as it is part of the branding and marketing strategy. Customers visit any site mainly for its appearance, content, and usability. Although, having an improper web design may have negative impact on the business. Here come 6 mistakes you should avoid while designing a website.

Avoid Use of Flash Designing

Probably the biggest mistake while designing a website is designing in the Flash. Surely, Flash is an outstanding tool for making an informative presentation of any service or product. You definitely have visited many sites designed in Flash, with stunning visual experience. However, there are many problems in using Flash. The first problem is Flash is not the text but an animation. Therefore, it deals with the text, which is not search-engine-friendly. The second problem is that Flash is very slow in loading so; ultimately the visitors will hate it. Using HTML5 instead is a much better idea. It provides ample promise because it is search-engine optimizable.

Avoid Black Background

Another design-associated mistake, which most businesses make, is use of black background. The fact is that it gives shadow effects to the eyes. Therefore, when you look at it for first time as visitor, you may find the content very well due to its white-black contrast. However, within 15 to 20 seconds, you will begin getting the shadow effect in the eyes. Even if you look outside the screen, this issue will continue to appear. So, avoid using black background.

Avoid Call to Action under the Fold

One usual design mistake is putting call to action (like contact forms, lead generation forms, newsletter sign ups, etc) well under the fold. It may convert conversion rate from the double digits to single digit!

Avoid Too Much of Clutter

A very common mistake is trying to impress user with the amazing flash animations and pictures. It is always better to concentrate on the single central message. Don’t overload the website with too much high-tech clutter. Any good website design should be clean, crisp, and focused. Remove redundant elements and get quality images. Only one good-quality image on home page is a better option than one hundred bad images inside. Furthermore, it is not a website you need them to be influenced with. It is the service or product, which you offer. Thus, does not design the website relied on what you choose but on what the market dictates. It will make sure that the design is clutter-free and focused.

Avoid Not to Include “Contact” Details

Avoiding including the contact details like physical address and phone number is another mistake that small businesses make on the website. Instead they create a 10 to 20 questions FAQ expecting that each possible question, which their customer can have will be answered by the FAQ list. Whereas they usually include the contact form, and again they do not give physical address and phone number. When that happens, it tells the customers that you are bypassing them! It does not produce trust. So, don’t be afraid to give phone numbers and physical address. It will help your business in the end.

Avoid Not to Include “About Us” Details

And lastly, many small businesses don’t include About Us details. Customers always desire to know more about you. They always want to know the people behind any business. Therefore, don’t avoid including ‘About Us’ details. Don’t be afraid to show company’s personality. Amongst the best ways of people for making the decision whether they may trust you are through knowing people’s background, works in the company and quality of thoughts. Ensure that all the profiles include pictures. Don’t be afraid to put pictures of people with whom your customers are speaking to the most. They feel more attached with company and the customers will also love it.


Avoid the 6 mistakes we have discussed while designing a website, you will surely get improvement in the customer service, customer interactions and last but not the least, build trust.

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