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According to a prediction, by the year 2013, there will be 1.7 billion users of mobile internet. It is very safe stake that only some of them can visit your website and see it on the screen, which takes just few inches. What will happen if the readers need to work hard while going through your site or reading your content? They will surely leave! Have you made your website mobile ready? Its time you should go for a mobile website design.

Slow connection speed may also disappoint the readers. You want regular as well as new readers for having outstanding experience with the website, doesn’t matter if it is on the nice big screen or seeing on the tiny mobile device. Here are a few fast improvements that you can do, starting today.

Mobile plug-in Installation

In case, you use WordPress, you can change your site to mobile-friendly edition in around 30 seconds using an easy plug-in. Various plug-ins are available today. You can use any of good plug-ins available. You can adjust it in respective ways to make it best suited for your site.

Make smart navigation

Creating a smart and exhaustive navigation of the website is important aspect of making the website mobile friendly. Ensure that you give readers some clear ways of getting the most crucial content. For instance, can you see red tabs on top of the site? They are great ways of attracting traffic as well as perfect models for clear navigation. Be strategic when placing navigation on mobile website.

Write crystal clear content

When your website is viewed on smaller screen, ensure that you have concussive headlines, which permit the reader identify that he/she will have great experience in reading the content. Crystal clear content, which is to the point, also makes sure that readers can use your material with their mobile phones, even when they’re busy or distracted.

Avoid needless images

Use of images is an outstanding way of getting the point across however; try to think somebody reading the content on very slow connection, having a tiny screen. It means that you don’t require extra images so, avoid needless images.

Avoid Flash and JavaScript

It is usually a safe stake to all the mobile devices to avoid Flash and JavaScript as they will bring down the access speed. Even if the flash or JavaScript are loaded successfully, they will take extra time to view content. So, the best way is sticking with the plain (X) HTML or CSS standards.

Prepare Mobile Friendly Content

In non-mobile website version, it could be easier of getting away with some design problems, which are more obvious and visible in mobile version. Remember to avoid the white spaces around words and paragraphs. If the content is very confined, it makes the readers uncomfortable and they could not continue for much long. Making the content scalable and creating short sentences will be great to all the readers, especially for the mobile readers. There are many ways of making the content friendlier for mobile websites. Apply few of them and you will be ahead in the competition.

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