The Mighty Google Penguin Update and the importance of content

The mighty Google Penguin updates were announced on 24th April, 2012 and since then it has penalized even small law-breakers. For example, Google Penguin will penalize the websites, which utilize the ‘Black Hat SEO Techniques’ as well as the websites, which have inapplicable and inferior-quality outbound links.

Google Penguin has impacted just about 3.1% of total queries; whereas, Google Panda had impacted just about 12.0 %. However, Google still needs to clarify effects, exact targets, and the impacts of this Penguin update; nevertheless, most of SEO specialists think that the websites having following inadequacies will be definitely penalized by Google Penguin:

  • Aggressive SEO
  • Bad or Irrelevant Outbound Links
  • Keyword Stuffing

Recent on-page SEO Methods (As per Google Penguin Update)

The main objective of Google Penguin is improving the search experience of users, through offering the most useful, unique, relevant, and informational content on web. Due to it, there are a lot of alterations in contemporary on-page SEO strategies and techniques to cope with the negative effects of Penguin updates for numerous blogs and websites.

Quality Content

You may hear million times that CONTENT IS KING although, the significance of the quality content was never been that high, like now with new Penguin updates. Useful information with quality content is most essential ingredient in offering best user experience for searching people. Hence, amongst the most significant contemporary on-page SEO methods is creating extremely informative and helpful content for the website.


The days are gone for duplicate content. Even a little bit of the duplicate content will be penalized by all search engines including Google. In case, you desire to be competitive as well as rank superior than other competitors, then your website must have 100% unique and original content. The Google Penguin is designed to cope with the threat of spun content, duplicate content, and rewritten content, which does not have same value like the manually crafted and unique web page content.

Human Readability

Google penguin update’s objective is forcing website owners to produce quality content keeping the human readability in mind. Most people write the content focusing on search engines although, now, they may not have much of success. To obey the terms and conditions of penguin updates, one has to adopt contemporary on-page SEO method to create human readable web pages and content. No matter if they are blog posts, articles, or web copies, they have to be written in keeping human users in mind, avoiding search engines.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing:

Because the main objective is making more content, keeping human readability of focus, high keyword density of keyword stuffing will be punished by contemporary Penguin updates. The work of stuffing excessive profitable keywords within blog posts and articles to rank higher in search engines won’t work anymore.

Associated Meta Tags

Associated Meta Tags – without doing stuffing to them like keyword density with the web page – is very useful method for on-page SEO that is utilized as per Penguin update guidelines. The Meta tags of the web page have to be associated with the page, and should not be stuffed anyway.

Recent off-page SEO Methods (As per Google Penguin Update)

With on-page SEO techniques, off-page SEO techniques as well as other strategies are key factors for higher rankings in search engines. For bringing free integrated traffic to the website, involvement of legitimate as well as best off-page SEO methods is necessary and very crucial.

Google, for its ‘quality more than quantity’ slogan, has always given great importance to off-page SEO methods. Although, with latest Google Penguin updates, the importance of off-page SEO methods is at its peak.

Another significant thing to keep in mind is while you fight for the keywords having higher competition, you may not rank higher beyond the assistance of off-page SEO methods. As per new rules of Google Penguin, algorithms for search engines as well as ranking systems are having great value to balance the off-page SEO approach for the website. In case, you do well, you will get greater traffic and higher ranking.

Here are some of off-page SEO methods, which Google Penguin has proved:

Quality Backlinks:

Now, it is not important that your website is getting how many of total backlinks. There was the time when getting higher ranking was very easy and might be done through getting lots of backlinks, without considering from where they are coming. However, it won’t be the case now. Google Penguin has given extra attention for quality of the website’s backlinks, more willingly than their quantity. You can get numerous low-quality backlinks, however they will give you huge dent and your website will be fined. In case, manage to get the quality backlinks, you will get much superior chance of having better results.

Social Media Likes

One more greater off-page method is incorporating social media with your SEO idea. Tweets, social media likes, sharing, +1, posts, etc. are different kinds of quality backlinks. The off-page SEO method holds outstanding value for Penguin updates. A lot of website owners are not considering social networking relevant to the businesses. Still, they are mistaken to recognize that social media is extremely crucial part of off-page SEO methods.

Main Victims of the Google Penguin Updates

Main objective of Penguin updates introduction was ranking the websites higher that have aim of providing most unique and useful details to readers. On other hand, the websites, which do not pursue same guidelines will be penalized by Google Penguin. Google hasn’t specified or explained targets of the updates; although, the websites having following aspects will be most affected by Google Penguin.

Low-quality Content

There are ample websites having lower quality webpages and content. In the start up, usually, Google had punished the websites having plagiarism or duplication issues. But now even the websites having lower quality content will experience drastic loss in the traffic! The main objective of Google is to offer valued information to the readers so, any website having lower quality content won’t be ranked higher.

Link Farms

Any website having link farms will be punished seriously by the mighty predators. Thus, websites using those techniques will become main victims of the Google Penguin.

Webpages Having Spun Content

Till now, numerous websites have used the spun content efficiently on the webpages as well as for content submission to the article directories. As spun content won’t provide any worth to readers, it will be slightly reproved by Penguin updates.

Stuffed Advertisements

Google is always very active for punishing the websites that do not provide any worth to the readers, as well as just concentrate on the advertisements for money making. There are numerous cases in past in which the Google has penalized those websites.


With Penguin updates, the ad structure of the webpage is completely overhauled now. However, Google needs to clarify its strategies about ads policy for the webpage, although any website having over 4 advertisement slots on the webpage will be a ‘soft target’ for Penguin.

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