What to do for your new Facebook Business page and Timeline?

The Facebook has added new timeline in their business pages though it has received both positive as well as negative views. But it’s not good to waste much time in complaining. Alternatively use the same energy to the positive workings. The fact is that new Facebook timeline for business will continue to stay until they resolve to make any future changes. Here are a few “must know” tips to positively save some time if you get attach or have advance questions.

Know dates

New timeline of Facebook had officially declared the conversion date of 30th March 2012 for all the business pages. You may play with the new page or see the preview mode prior to actually making it live. It is advisable to do it ASAP. Don’t delay the proceedings until last minute.

Make new cover image of Facebook timeline

Cover image offers amazing branding opportunities as well as to optically inspire as well as connect with the fans. Options are infinite if you stay inside Facebook guidelines given below. Create various timeline covers thus you may offer fresh as well as inspirational experience to the timeline visitors! Facebook has given very strict guidelines about what to do and what not to do for new cover image of Facebook timeline.

You CAN:

  • Brand of the company, personal brand or book. It includes logos, brand images, photos and other optical marks.
  • Encourage the audience with optically appealing colors, graphics, and images.
  • Use easy language, which will assist you in inspiring and connecting with the fans.

You CAN’T:

  • Price or acquisition information like “30% off” or “Download through our website”
  • Contact details like email, mailing address, web address, or other details intended for the About section.
  • References to the interface elements including Share or Like, other Facebook features
  • Calls to action like “Tell your friends” or “Get it now”

No default landing tabs

Now you can’t set tab as the default landing tabs. Before you erupt on the wild rant regarding how awful it is, keep in mind that the post designed for helping you in moving forward as well as do great things with new timeline of Facebook. Here are the things you are allowed to do:

  • Maximize space and use of the cover image
  • Use specific URLs of apps for directing the people straight to app from the pages outside Facebook or posts, with status updates inside Facebook.
  • Maximize usage of best apps shown in the cover photo.
  • Use apps for the ‘call to action’ as well as to engage the fans.
  • Use it as disguise to come out from your box as well as concentrate on inspiring as well as connecting with the audience.

Use Unique URL Rather Than Landing Tabs

Now you can’t set the default landing tab, though you may still easily avoid this. As every app is having it’s personal and unique URL, you may use this unique URL for directing the traffic through inside/ outside of the traffic with the specific app.

Highlighted Posts

You may set any of the posts for highlighting meaning that it can take both sides in page. This feature allows you to carry special attention for the particular post inside timeline.

Facebook, even after so many changes, has the potential of attracting visitors. Businesses still indulge into creating Facebook pages and use various Facebook apps to turn traffic to their site.

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