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Just registering on the Facebook is not sufficient, you should have a cracking Facebook page, which reflects typical identity of the company and assists you in breaking-though the clusters. The key element, which can double the fans is having a sole landing page. You can give your customers, the facility to shop your merchandises, right from the FB (Facebook), using your custom page.

We, at PeopleACE help you in creating your exclusive Facebook page. After going through your online marketing requirements, we design your landing page as well as the Fan Page of your company. You may customize the Fan Page like a mini-website inside the Facebook. Get a viral force behind your product through the Facebook page creation.

If you own some B2C portal and want to promote your deals to huge audience or want to exclusively promote your new range of products - a fascinating brand page created by PeopleACE is your best option. Advertise your brand efficiently on the Facebook by making Facebook page at really affordable prices through PeopleACE.

Advantages of Facebook Page

  • Advertise your business effectively
  • Great way of promoting new products
  • Generates big leads
  • Great way to do CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Any Facebook fan page (also called as the business page these days) is fundamentally a Facebook page of your organization or business. Do not mix the Facebook fan page and your personal profile on Facebook. There are several differences that make your fan page, an asset for your marketing efforts:

  • Just like any personal profile, there is not any limit to number of fans that the Facebook business page may have.
  • Facebook business-page is a superior way of building the community and producing the conversations within your prospects and customers. It is an interactive format, which allows a multi-way conversation, which is priceless for the small businesses.
  • Facebook fan pages usually have built-in tracking metrics therefore, you can gain some usable insights for your fans, their interactions, photo views, page views, etc.
  • Facebook pages are moved by search engines, meaning that you may be getting Google boost when somebody posts something on the fan page wall.
  • The Facebook fan-page turns into a perceptive form of advertising through which you may encourage surveys, events, discussions, services, products or even add your e-commerce items.
  • You may add limitless posts, graphics, pictures, and videos for augmenting your multiple channel marketing endeavors.

Facebook applies a very easy mechanism of spreading the marketing message, as well as taking the business to be viral. Due to the social prospect of the Facebook, when the business page is created, you will now have an opportunity to be exposed in the number of prospects and contacts. It helps in putting you before future customers, diverts traffic towards your website, and increases the word of mouth influence.

How Can PeopleACE Help?

Definitely, you can make your Facebook fan page yourself however, you will finish up with the Facebook page, which is not spirited. To increase your business, you must have a Facebook page, which stands apart, integrates with your branding and image, encourages the conversation and interaction. You need to have excitement, activity, and communication. You can meet all these with your Customized Facebook page.

Let us make your Facebook fan page, which works for your specific business and target audience. We will analyze your target market requirements, your maintenance plans, your business goals, and then we will make a Facebook strategy, which really sets your business separated from others.

Contact us for more details and ask for a free quote.

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