"One more time I dealt with the best! A keen understanding to my needs, the detail of the data entries and a reasonable delivery time were once more delivered from PeopleACE team! Thanks so much!!! I am very glad God put you in my path; otherwise I truly think I would have given up on this website project a long time ago! I will definitely keep on regularly using PeopleACE!!!"

- Annie

"Excellent turn out on this project. I worked with PeopleACE team who spoke great English and was able to get my changes done incredibly fast. Overall I am very impressed with their work and I will be using them again."

- Movichdesign

"Did a great job. Was prompt in responding, got the project done before deadline, and was very professional. Will definitely source out again for future projects."

- arod1125


What is outsourcing?

As described in the Webster® dictionary, "Outsourcing: the practice of subcontracting manufacturing work to outside and especially foreign or nonunion companies".

The development of any software, quite logically, falls within the terminology of the word 'manufacturing' & hence, when used for the software industry, the word 'outsourcing' means "offloading the development work to other companies".

Why do we need outsourcing?

For several reasons:

  • Due to the tremendous pace & sheer vastness of the IT industry, it is preferred by most of the companies to focus on their respective core competencies & manage a structured growth, rather than a haphazard one.
  • By opting to outsource the work which does not fall within your core competencies, you will still be able to retain the client (everybody knows how difficult it is to get one!) for any such work, without increasing the capital expenditure.
  • Additionally, since you tend to choose an expert for such jobs, the end client's satisfaction is almost always ensured & thus, in all probability, your client will also consider you as a preferred supplier of work / services & hence continued business.
  • By outsourcing some of the regular & routine work, you can drastically reduce your operating expenses, provided you have carefully chosen the outsourcing partner.

Undoubtedly, outsourcing is fast becoming a strategy for forward thinking IT managers. No longer just a means of reducing costs, it has become a tool for adding value to business, simultaneously enabling organizations to concentrate on their core business. Furthermore, it helps managers to re-engineer business processes and provide the necessary information to assist effective decision-making and ensure quality and cost control.

Why should we outsource when we ourselves can recruit professionals to do it internally?

You will require to hire an entire team to execute the projects with variable needs. The size & skill sets of such team may vary as per the project requirements & scale. So you end up increasing your capital as well as operating cost. Also, for the projects with altogether different requirements than your core competencies, the chances of abnormal delays, frequent change requests from the client & over all inadequate control on the execution are always higher, adding further to your operating costs.

The following is a quote from an April 1999 issue of Time by Bill Gates. "As a business manager, you need to take a hard look at your core competencies. Revisit the areas of your company that aren't directly involved in those competencies, and consider whether Web technologies can enable you to spin off those tasks. Let another company take over the management responsibilities for that work, and use modern communication technology to work closely with the people - now partners instead of employees are doing the work. In the Web work style, employees can push the freedom the Web provides to its limits."

Why should we outsource to India?

India has an enormous supply of qualified, technical, literate & English speaking/fluent workforce and the salary rates compare very favorably with other developed / developing nations around the world. And hence, India is an obvious choice, more so for Information Technology (IT) sectors, and sectors where Human Resources is the key factor. The reason is not far to seek. There is no dearth of companies who have made (or are in the process of making) India as an outsourcing base due to all these reasons. Today Outsourcing has become THE word in defining business success.

Why does it cost less in outsourcing to India?

The cost of living in India is much lower than most of the Western countries. The salaries are generally in the range of 20% to 30% of what they are in the Western countries. Even if we consider the capital expenditure at par, we are able to carry out your work at a much lower cost as our operating costs are much lower. This is one of the main advantages of having India as your outsourcing base.

Why should we outsource to PeopleACE?
  • Quality and cost advantage
  • ISO 9002 certified for business processes (for data conversion & GIS services)
  • A company associated with IT business for over 10+ years
  • Appeared in the list of top 1000 Indian companies across all the sectors by Business India
  • Single point contact for all the coordination, right from the first stage
  • Well defined & structured processes
  • Very fast turn-around time
  • Access to our development center's strengths
  • Access to the information, skills & expertise gained over a period of 10+ years
  • Facility to pay in local currency (in select countries only)
What are your areas of expertise?

We undertake software/web development projects primarily on Microsoft® platforms. However, we can also offer solutions based on Unix/Linux platforms, on a case to case basis. Besides the software development, we also offer integrated back office management solutions & IT enabled services.

Following summarizes the solutions that we provide:

  • Business Analysis and Technical consultation
  • Web design & development
  • Web promotion & maintenance
  • Software Development
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Web enabled services - SMS solutions
  • Database Management Solutions
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Integrated CRM with business process management
  • Portal & Vortal / Web community development
  • Collaborative project management systems
What is the pre-sales process?

On receiving your inquiry, we respond within one working day for any clarifications. We also send you a summary of our understanding about the project, if there is no clarifications to seek. Further on receiving your confirmation, we then provide you with a ball park estimate of the project as well as the development tools that we intend to employ. On case to case basis, we offer the ball park rates for the project either on hourly basis or on 'not to exceed' basis, and sometimes an option for both to choose from.

What is your privacy policy?

We never ever interact with your end clients, until & unless you specifically requested us in writing / by e-mail. The solutions developed by us for you are handed over as a package without the slightest of indication about the origin of the same.

How do we send across the data/content/images to you?

There are several ways you can do that.

  • Generally, we create an FTP area on our server for every project that we carry out. The FTP rights for that specific area is given to you. You can upload all the necessary content/data/images etc. on the specified directory.
  • If the Internet access is not very feasible, we also accept the same through e-mail. The required details can be sent across to us from your regular e-mail id.
  • If the time frame permits & it is not possible for you to provide us with the electronic copy of the images, you can opt to send it across by regular post/courier.
What is your turn-around time?

Obviously, it varies as per the size & the complexity of the project. However, while providing you with the ball park estimate, we also provide a tentative time frame. On receiving (or after preparing, whatever the case may be) the design document, we provide you with the exact time frame & the milestones. We have executed projects of varying time frames, ranging from 100 man hours to 5000 man-hours.

How do we keep a track of the project?

Once the project is accepted & undertaken, we assign it to a Project Manager/Coordinator & intimate the contact details to you for further communication. He/she, then becomes your single point of contact for all the communication & keeps you posted with the progress report. Based on the complexity & the size of the project, the progress reports are sent across on a weekly or biweekly basis. The reports are either sent across to you by e-mail or can be viewed from the client work extranet.

How do you handle the change requests?

The change requests are handled & if required, quoted for on the basis of:

  • the stage at which the change is requested
  • the complexity of the project & the implications of the change
  • the volume of work involved to accomplish the change. We prefer not to charge you extra for any minor changes. Major changes are quoted separately at the time of occurrence and before the implementation. They are implemented only after receiving your acceptance.
How do we pay?

Payments can easily be made by telegraphic transfers through your bankers without any difficulty.

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