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Benefits of Outsourcing the Virtual Assistance Services

  • Virtual Assistant is the person with whom you distribute the common goal of success for your business.
  • You do not need to pay your valuable time for administrative tasks or office paperwork for which you do not have the time or not capable of doing it.
  • You can amplify your business growth by freeing up the time to concentrate on more crucial goals and priorities.
  • You do not need to give any physical workspace.
  • You do not need to buy any computer equipments because, any Virtual Assistant has his/her own well-equipped office.
  • You do not need to concern about the taxes, benefits, and payroll because Virtual Assistant is a self-directed professional contractor.
  • Outsourcing to any Virtual Assistant provides you freedom to work for developing as well as improving your business knowledge, expertise, skills, and client relationships.
  • You can make superior decisions through being able to talk about ideas with the Virtual Assistant.
  • You will have more freedom to anticipate new and challenging opportunities.
  • You will be having better position to exercise and maintain more comfy work balance.
  • You will have the peace of mind as you know that the Virtual Assistant is managing details professionally as well as on time.
  • You will be able to run the business, instead it is running you.

Our Pricing

Over the last 10 years, We at PeopleACE, has been conducive in success of our clients. With our specific outsourcing solutions, we change the business processes and motivate growth. We employ enthusiastic, devoted, and result-oriented team, which has sufficient experience and knowledge in providing qualitative and on-time services.

Pricing Models

PeopleACE has the systematic pricing models, which are accessible and widely prevalent in market.

Flat pricing model

Flat pricing model (or the project-based model) is perfect for the projects having well-defined, clear, and fixed requirements. This model type is based on the inflexible and pre defined project and specification. Our business expert will study the project essentials and will give a fixed price. A planned time line as well as financial plan is given to make sure timely deliverable without surpassing the budget.

Pay-as-we-progress pricing model

The pricing model is perfect for the large, complex and long projects. In some projects, there could be regular changes in specification during the development time. Because of the multiplicity and size of a project, there could be changes in specification, time line, and team size. For optimizing the time and cost of those projects, we have the pricing model in which, payments are scheduled either in the beginning of every development stage or monthly – as decided with client.

Dedicated team based pricing model

The model is perfect for the companies as well as development houses, who are willing to build the dedicated team. Companies may hire the experts inside this pricing model that will work with dedication on their projects. Payments rely on the project and kind of resources and tasks used.

Contact us to identify more about the pricing, appropriate model for the assignment or any details that have not been incorporated here. We do not charge any fees for assessment so, request for a free quote.

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