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PeopleACE provides virtual assistant services for the business organizations to help them in fulfilling the requirements. Our services are customer-supported and extremely efficient. We desire to have long term relationships with the businesses. We preserve transparency with all of our clients that help us in building trust with them. The virtual assistants we provide are dedicated individuals, having experience and expertise in their particular fields. The solitary objective of our team is providing timely as well as quality services, which optimize the business returns.

Why Outsource the VA (Virtual Assistance) Services?

Outsourcing any non-strategic jobs through the VA, you can focus on big jobs like business development with quality individual life. Outsourcing means hiring specialists for different job requirements. The superiority of support services offered by specialists offers you some edge over others in same field. Under no conditions you mislay control of the work. Virtual Assistant Services indicates the expansion of your office. The attitude for the big customer service generates the output like what your input could do. Our objective is offering quality services having an adapted approach. The service is offered, aiming at the "customer happiness."

In modern era, the virtual assistants have turn into the multi-million-dollar deal having workers getting the jobs at the distance based depending on their skills more willingly than where they are situated. The majority of the Virtual Assistants are positioned in the places where it might be impossible working for the companies that are presently employed. Both the remote and local user has admission to the team rooms where the information as well as collaboration may have effect in the real time through the desktop sharing or the software and the screen-capturing tools monitoring.

What PeopleACE Offers

  • Association tools for the virtual assistant teams
  • Experience the high quality services
  • Flexible Staffing
  • Skills in definite areas

Using the PeopleACE services, you will obtain different advantages like these:

Cost Effectiveness

These are the reasons, why the FTE services we provide are cost effective for you.

  • You don’t require any special setup to begin operations.
  • You don’t require hiring people or don’t requires pending on the office equipments.
  • You can save on the salary payments, medical bills, leave vacations, and commuting.

Time Effectiveness

Our virtual assistants work dedicatedly for you. We hire suitable candidates that have experience and expertise in their respective field. With the collective force of the newest techniques and knowledge, our team will produce quality results in time.

Personal FTE Services

We provide personal virtual assistants that will exclusively work for you. You will have through access to the virtual assistant for whom you may directly allocate the tasks. The virtual assistant will do the job according to your reporting methodologies and processes.

PeopleACE provides FTE services for the following sectors:

ITES Services

  • Data Entry
  • Graphic Design
  • Internet Research
  • Microsoft Applications
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • SEO and SEM
  • Spreadsheets Creation


  • 24x7 Call Answering
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Business Card Scanning
  • Correspondence Services
  • Desktop Publishing Services

Peripheral Services

  • Event Planning
  • Travel, Hotel, and Airline Reservations

Contact us for your all specific VA requirements.

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