"One more time I dealt with the best! A keen understanding to my needs, the detail of the data entries and a reasonable delivery time were once more delivered from PeopleACE team! Thanks so much!!! I am very glad God put you in my path; otherwise I truly think I would have given up on this website project a long time ago! I will definitely keep on regularly using PeopleACE!!!"

- Annie

"Excellent turn out on this project. I worked with PeopleACE team who spoke great English and was able to get my changes done incredibly fast. Overall I am very impressed with their work and I will be using them again."

- Movichdesign

"Did a great job. Was prompt in responding, got the project done before deadline, and was very professional. Will definitely source out again for future projects."

- arod1125

Why Outsource?

Web technology is spreading like wildfire the world over, and this fire will grow at a galloping speed. Today's companies gain success based on their ability to maintain a network of strategic business-partners. As in life, in technology too, it pays to move in the right circles by adopting outsourcing, the success mantra in business methodologies today.

Outsourcing enables organizations to achieve their full potential in terms of enhanced profitability, heightened efficiency and cost-effective operations. It adds value to business, brings predictability and reliability to the management of information technologies thereby leaving you free to do what you do, to best manage your business. Undoubtedly, outsourcing is swiftly becoming a strategy for forward thinking IT managers. Furthermore, it helps managers to re-engineer business processes and provide the necessary information to assist effective decision making and ensure quality and cost control.

Truly, the gains from such a relationship can be measured on your balance sheet. Additionally this will also pave the way to reach great heights across the world, by giving you ample freedom to concentrate on the core area of your business - the customers.

Outsourcing Advantages

Control & Reduce the Operating Costs
With the growth of business, the company may also require resources at the expense of the core activities that could have given more profitable results. Outsourcing allows businesses to focus on the core activities. PeopleAce offers unique outsourcing solutions including back-office operations like FTE services, book-keeping, accounting services, data entry and transcription services.

By availing our outsourcing solutions, you can expect a substantial decrease in the operating and infrastructure cost.

To know more about our outsourcing solutions, please Contact us.

Completion of Project as Per the Schedule
Outsourcing can be the desired extension in crunch time. PeopleAce is proficient in handling rush hour jobs. Our technical team can handle sudden spurts in the project requirements. We employ a dedicated team to execute your project. This ensures on-time completion of project as per schedule.

Contact our representative to know more about our services.

Private Label Work
Outsourcing allows you to expand your team and skilled resources in most cost-efficient manner. This enables businesses to offer quality services to their clients. The services offered to the end-client are strictly kept confidential. The confidentiality of your outsourced jobs is preserved safely.

We adhere to strict privacy policy. We understand the sensitivity of the information that our clients share with you. We respect the trust and confidence that our clients’ have in us.

Build your dedicated team at PeopleAce. Contact Us.

Redirect Resources towards Activities Which Have a Greater Return
Outsourcing solutions can indeed reap greater returns. You can further maximize your returns by redirecting your resources towards core activities. For instance, a CPA firm can outsource their financial jobs and free up their resources to focus on providing value-added services to their clients.

Share Risks
A business can face uncertainty and inconsistency in the times of high employee turnover. Outsourcing in such times can reduce the risk and maintain continuity in the projects at hand. This can save the company from the risk of running into a substandard level of operations and mismanagement.

Improve Company Focus Large projects may require resources or skills that a company might not possess. In such case, instead of hiring resources and increasing overheads, it is always cost-effective and profitable to outsource jobs.

For instance, a web development company can outsource software testing and focus on their development activities.

Access to World Class Capabilities
Outsourcing facilitates to work with experts in the field at most competitive rates. Outsourcing is the best opportunity to work with professional and skilled personnel. By outsourcing jobs requiring wider skill set, the current resources can widen their skill set.

Browse through our outsourcing services and Contact us.

A Complete Expert and Professional Solution
Businesses have found it profitable and cost-efficient to entrust their business activities to experts in the field to seek professional solutions. This has enabled businesses to focus on their core activities. In these days businesses can outsource various business activities like –

  • Virtual Assistant / FTE Services
  • IT-Enabled Services which mainly includes:
    • CAD and Drafting Services
    • Corporate Identity Building Services
    • Data-entry and Transcription Services
    • E-Book and E-Catalog Publishing Services
    • Engineering Design and Detailing Services
    • Financial Services
    • Mobile Application Development Services
    • Online Marketing Services
    • Software Testing Services
    • Website Design and Development

Outsourcing allows businesses to take advantage of the skills of professionals and experts in the fields to work for them.

Outsourcing your additional/routine IT assignments is the smartest way to get ahead and stay ahead. We assure you to fulfill every need of yours, in making your company's success a reality.

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